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The only indoor maintenance-free automatic composter. Quiet, tough and built to last, this amazing composter can process up to 120 lbs of waste a month! Plug it in (it uses 10 watts, about the same as a night light), deposit waste items and let NatureMill do the rest. The upper chamber mixes, heats, and aerates. Compost later transfers to the lower chamber, so you can add fresh items. Remove rich compost fertilizer every 2 weeks, when the red light comes on. Ideal for those who live in colder climates or have limited access to compost space. Measuring only 20" x 20" x 12" and weighing only 17 lbs, it will fit neatly in just about any kitchen. Made from recycled + recyclable polyethylene on the outside and food-grade stainless steel and aluminum on the inside. Available in White, Stainless and Black. Includes a 3 year manufacturer�s warranty